Saturday, April 10, 2010


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So,yesterday at school we did a little activity. The situation was as follows:we all read the same story out of our books and we were assigned groups.We read a story in school and this is a summary of it. The captain was talking to a sailor he didn't like very much. the sailors name was Sam. the story takes place n the 1840's,so sailors didn't have any rights back then. The captain said to Sam, "will you ever talk back to me again?" To which Sam replied, "I never did sir" and the captain repeated his question again and Sam gave the same answer. Then the captain whipped him. When another sailor named John asked "Why are you whipping that man?" The captain whipped him too.

Then the teacher divided us up into groups.The ship owners were on the captain's side and author and friends were on the crew's side. I was a ship owner. So when we did the hearing,my group and I made our points. We ended up losing anyway, but that was because the judges were kids.Then Mrs. Weinrich, my teacher, came to the front of the room, and said that in real life, our side would have won because we argued our points better than the other side did.then a boy from my class named Charles, walked up to me and said "when I need a lawyer I'm definitely hiring you." So as it turns out I would make a pretty good Lawyer. Bye!

P.S. I typed this all on my own!:)

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