Sunday, April 4, 2010

Welcome Monday mingle Fans!!! (Hopefully I will get a couple more mingle fans!)

Hi y'all!
I am already in bed while my mom is posting my "featured debut" in the mingle this week but I let my mom post a WELCOME post on here. I'm Bunny Girl. Did you like my ears?  Yup, It's true. I'm a bunny that doesn't like carrots. So sad. Anyway, I started this blog about a year ago but then just didn't do much with it. I want to change that. I would like to be an actress when I grow up, so I figured Monday Mingles would be a good place to get started.
  So you all can say, "I knew her when..."
Take a look around. Feed my Blog fish and please enjoy a few inspiring words from ME, Bunny Girl.

*Don't take the video too personally I was just playing around.* :)

1 comment:

Mandy said...

Nice mingle, Anna! ;)

Thanks for joining us this week, bunny girl!