Friday, July 16, 2010

My summer life....Ahh, the life of a ten year old!

My mom is making me write in my blog today so here it goes.
No, don't type that...backspace, backspace, backspace...

(My mom thinks she is so funny.....) She's NOT Trust me. (Although don't tell that to ALL her followers...)

Ok ON to the REAL post....:)
 I'm going to let my Mom type for a while since I am apparently brain-dead.
:) haha!
I've been spending my summer days playing petville, cleaning my room, AND swimming. I am also hanging out with my friends. (Because I can't say I'm hanging out with....) You all will NEVER know....Bwa,ha ha ha ha ha!!!

What else have I been doing? Hmm.. .bugging my mom to let me play facebook games... "I just have to feed my pet...!" Right?

Well, I'm all out of ideas now. My mom types and then I have ideas...Oh sure.
I'm tired.  *YAWN.*

I'll be back later. If you are still around...:)

Later bloggy peeps!

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