Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer Dreams (MY REAL post.)

i had a dream last night.
i dreamt i was at my Grandma's house. We were watching Harry Potter. Then I woke up.
But I was still dreaming.
i dreamt I was a wizard just like Harry Potter.

And I could wave my wand and have things appear.
 My dad is a muggle.
I'm a wizard. Dumbledore is my principal.
I'm cool.

i also dreamt i was chasing luminous hand. Why do i know it was called luminous hand?
Because when I first saw it, there was a sign above telling me it was "luminous hand."
I think i may have been watching too much Harry Potter over the weekend. (last weekend.)
Because I remembered his spells subconciously.

I dreamt that the Jonas brothers got their ears pierced.
And that is weird.
I don't think boys should get their ears pierced.
At all.
They still are cute though.

*Thanks Google images for the pictures! *

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